Through the solutions we offer in parallel with our services, we support organisations in their sustainability journey.

Sustainable Brands and Communications

We help you assess your brand perception and help evaluate and plan how your sustainability agenda can be incorporated to it. We support planning and implementation of sustainability activities addressing both your internal and external stakeholders.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We help you design and transform your surroundings and cities based on principles of sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals Agenda

We work towards internalizing and implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda in your organisation.


We support your organisation in evaluating the potential benefits of digitalization for your operations, effectiveness and transformation towards sustainability.

Industry 4.0

We research and evaluate sustainable production opportunities in your sector and in this respect, design a roadmap for your company.

Circular Economy

We introduce this contemporary industry modelling and search for potential applications with the aim of reusing and recycling natural resources in order to stay within the earth’s regeneration capacity while doing business.


We introduce the concept and potential applications of biomimicry; the imitation of nature’s models and systems in order to solve complex human problems.

Sustainability Projects

We fulfill the needs of your organisation in terms of designing and implementing projects towards your corporate sustainability goals.