The transition to sustainable business models must be successful. Business as usual is not and will not be sufficient for a healthy planet that our businesses depend on.

  • We support you in the process of transitioning to sustainable business practices with a systematic approach, covering the ecological, economic and social aspects of your business.
  • We build a tailored sustainability strategy for your organisation, offering our experience in business sustainability and skilled research team.
Sustainability Research and Seminars

Sustainability Research and Seminars

Sustainability Assessment and Strategy

Sustainability Assessment and Strategy

Sustainability Measurement and Reporting

Sustainability Measurement and Reporting

Corporate Sustainability Development Support

Corporate Sustainability Development Support

Sustainability Research

We offer a variety of research services to help organisations understand the impact of the sustainability agenda on their work and to support them design their own sustainability strategy.

Some of our research services can be found below:

Modelling Climate Change

Understanding the impact of climate change will be one of the most important elements of strategic planning or both short and long-term. Sectors ranging from energy to insurance, from production to services must comprehend their own impact on the planet and must plan accordingly.

We conduct research to help organisations understand the impacts of climate change, assess their own footprint and plan and invest based on the projections inormed by research.

Life Cycle Analyses

In parallel with rising environmental awareness, ever faster developing technology and improvement in the overall livelihood of people; parameters of natural resource use and environmental risk are becoming increasingly central concerns for decision making in addition to conventional parameters such as costs and performance.

Life cycle analyses (LCA) is a tool that helps decision making in complex situations. It is a tool in constant progress. LCA is used to calculate, manage and report the impact of a good or service, covering all processes from extraction of raw materials to production, supply chain, consumption to disposal.

Sustainability Framework Analyses

Any company or sector with the sole aim of economic growth and profit will not be able to sustain their business. All business actors should evaluate their success in terms the wealth and social impact they create, as well as the environmental harm they avoid making while doing business.

We provide analyses and research for businesses to understand and evaluate their economic, social and environmental impact.

Sustainability Assessment and Strategy


Sustainability is a long journey. Companies should review their progress periodically and shape their plans accordingly. After evaluating a company based on its goals, functions and issues we help them answer the following questions:

  • Are we on the right track regarding the goals set for achieving the company’s mission?
  • How is our progress on different business lines/categories?
  • Are the organisation, the system and the procedures sufficient for implementation?
  • Is expanding possible? Are the best cases shared internally and do we create enough collaborative projects?
  • Are there enough projects and is the planning sufficient for achieving the goals?
  • How developed are the sustainability culture and capacity building in the company?
  • Is the leadership developed enough?


The transformation for sustainability is only possible through a relevant vision and long term planning. For this purpose, we support companies in:

  • Setting a vision for sustainability
  • Defining their expectations from the vision of sustainability
  • Determining stakeholder priorities
  • Analysing their impact
  • Setting long term goals and planning projects accordingly

Sustainability Management Design

In order to ‘sustain’ the sustainability strategy, the strategy should be carefully managed in a structured way. For this purpose, we recommend reviewing the system set for sustainability:

  • Plans and the needs for implementation should be reviewed periodically due to changing and/or improving conditions.
  • Changing business dynamics, updates in the global sustainability priorities and technological improvements should be taken in considerationduring the reviewing process.
  • Furthermore, expanding sustainability values as a rooted company culture is not only a matter of planning. It should frequently be assessed and supported through leadership and capacity building structures. Communicating the issue is an essential part of the process.
  • In short, assessment and replanning is a circular approach.

We support companies in creating such systems and reviewing the previously existing systems periodically.

Sustainability Measurement and Reporting

For those companies who strive for sustainability, the higher levels of management should determine the main paths to follow and relevant teams for those paths should develop and implement necessary projects required to keep track. Reviewing and reporting the progress on a baseline is essential.

We help companies assess their progress, measure different indicators of sustainability and report the results periodically:

  • Which indicators should be measured and how?
  • What is the right period to report progress?
  • How is the reporting done?

Sustainability Reporting

Reporting sustainability is essential because:

• It attracts attention from the employees, it helps raise awareness and expand the culture of sustainability within the company.
• It expects contributions from all departments and functions within the company, thus helps establish the metrics/indicators for sustainability.

• It provides the major benefit of measurement and reporting in general: “You can only manage what you measure.” It attracts effort and attention from employees, it guides the organisational behavior.

The purpose of reporting is to keep track of the company’s long term vision which covers all stakeholders and planet/people/profit approaches.

We guide companies in both choosing the best way of reporting that suits their needs and reporting their efforst and implementations effectively.

Supporting Corporate Sustainability Development


Capacity building for sustainability is crucial to  internalize the sustainability vision and to successfully implement necessary actions. It is possible to design and conduct a variety of seminars:

Some of the seminars we have conducted previously are:

  • The Philosophy of Sustainability
  • Principles of Sustainable Development: What is sustainable development and what are the SDGs?
  • Innovation for Sustainability
  • Circular Economy and Best Practices
  • Stakeholder Management and Impact
  • Benefits and Execution Areas of Sustainability for Businesses
  • Sustainable Marketing and Sales
  • How can we suffice the energy needs in the future? What are the alternatives?
  • What is climate change? What are its impacts on businesses and people?
  • Waste, Water and Material Management – Why is leadership in sustainability important?
  • Sustainability Culture & Sustainability Storytelling for Changemakers
  • Impact of Sustainability on Human Resources

Our seminars are interactive (through facilitation, games, surveys etc.). During these seminars we introduce the best case scenarios from around the world in related sectors and fields, we put these cases in a relevant context for the company. All seminars are tailored to the needs and the dynamics of the sector, the company and the employees.

Governance Support

Managing an agenda for sustanability requires structured planning, engagement of teams and adaptation to change.

At this point we join and guide your teams with a professional external point of view, we provide them our advice and support while taking on an inspectoring role when necessary.

We support your projects and committees for truly effective governance and implementation while helping employees build capacity and show progress in their own roles with a vision for sustainability.

Organisational Transformation Support

Sustainability is a transformation that must be successfully completed. It is usually easier to transform established systems than transforming established cultures…

We support your teams and changemakers with our unique methods, experience and coaching., towards your sustainability goals.