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We support businesses and individuals in planning a sustainable future. We collaborate with our stakeholders to help them define the necessary steps forward for their sustainability strategies, plan a roadmap, design key projects, identify indicators and measure progress.


We ensure that the global sustainability agenda is internalised and applied correctly and comprehensively in the organisations we work with. We design and carry out projects that address the sustainability agenda. In other words;

  • We follow global developments on the sustainability agenda and adapt them to our local conditions.
  • We provide new ideas and perspectives with the support of various complementary networks.
  • We avoid only focusing on problems and how we eliminate them; we also look at best case practices, to incorporate them.
  • We shape the ways in which our client organisation can apply the sustainability agenda while keeping practicality as a key component of the process.
  • We believe that sustainability of an organisation is only possible under a leadership which prioritizes credible information, innovation and core values.



We are here to support organisations and individuals who wish to kick-start their transformation towards sustainability. Confident in our unique set of skills as a team, our expertise and experience in the field, we provide the tools and methods that businesses can use to build their capacity for a successful transformation.

Our physical and social world is changing very fast. Ever faster technological progress is one of the most important drivers of change. These major changes bring new potential risks while creating numerous advantages for businesses. In order to turn risks into opportunities, we have to adapt to sustainable ways of doing business. The entire world is speeding towards a new era, and we cannot succeed in this new system with our old perspective and practices. Businesses can only survive by embracing and even leading the change.

  • We hold a different, unique perspective that promotes systems thinking
  • We combine our academic, corporate and organisational experience for your transformation
  • We leverage our expertise and successful past experiences
  • We are eager to learn and share better, creative and effective ways of doing business
  • We have strong ties with our partners who hold different perspectives and expertise
  • As a team, we benefit from sharing common core values and commitment to sustainability



Gülin Yücel

Managing Partner


After completing her studies at Bogazici University, Istanbul in 1992, followed by an M.B.A. in International Business from CASS, City University in London, U.K, Gulin worked for IBM on various positions between 1994-2013, where she developed expertise in multiple sectors and engaged in complex services projects (business consultancy, e-business, business intelligence, CRM, ERP, technology projects, digital transformation) with major clients.

Gulin then joined Pronet Security, a leading Turkish electronic security systems company as General Manager. Gulin worked on the company’s long term strategic planning while maintaining the effectiveness of the business.

Gulin Yucel organisations on sustainability intelligence, planning & transformation, management system development. Also she is a professor for Management Studies at Sabancı University and a visiting professor at Bogazici University, an active angel investor.

As a civil society member, Gulin works on diversity, equal opportunities for women & youth issues. As a member of KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey), she participated and actively worked at Goldman Sachs 10K Women Project, US Department of State Invest for the Future Project, IFC Future Women Leaders Project, World Bank Gender Certificate Project and attended C20 Summit in Turkey in 2015, Freja Forum’s 2017 Conference on Climate Change.

Gulin Yucel is a certified member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). She is an advocate of Circular Economy in Turkey since 2014.

Training and Certification

October 2017  ISSP, Sustainability Associate (SA) Certification

Dec  2013-September 2015  ISSP, Sustainability Professionals Certification


  • Sustainability 101 (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Planning (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Management System (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Leadership (4 weeks)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategies (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Storytelling (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Transformation (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Assessments (4 weeks)
  • Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) (4 weeks)
  • Sustainability Standards  (4 weeks)
  • Other: Circular Economy, Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Management, Measurements for Retail Sustainability


March 2019 – ongoing Macroeconomics for a Sustainable Planet, SDG Academy, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development and Economics at Columbia University and Senior UN Advisor, and Professor Felipe Larraín, Minister of Finance of Chile and Professor of Economics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, (13 weeks)

June 2018 – July 2018 Global Trends for Business and Society, Wharton / University of Pennsylvania (4 weeks), July 2019

Nov 2016 – March 2017 Sustainable Cities, SDG Academy, UN SDSN (16 Weeks); Certificate of Proficiency with Distinction

Feb 2016 – June 2016 Natural Resources for Sustainable Development, SDG Academy, UN SDSN (12 Weeks); Certificate of Proficiency with Distinction

June – August 2014 Our Energy Future, University of California at San Diego

Certificate (with Distinction), Coursera (10 weeks)

May 2014 Renewable Energy, BMI & İTÜ University

April 2014 Circular Economy Workshop, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Bradford University

Jan 2014 – May 2014 The Age of Sustainable Development, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs / Columbia University ; Certificate (with Distinction), Coursera (14 weeks).


Prof. Dr. M. Levent Kurnaz


Prof. Levent Kurnaz was born in Istanbul. He received his B.S. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1988, his M.S. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and his B.S. Degree in Physics in 1990 from Bogazici University, his M.S. Degree in Physics in 1991 and his Ph.D. Degree in Physics in 1994 from University of Pittsburgh. Between 1995 and 1997 he worked as a research associate at Department of Chemistry in Tulane University. In 1997 he joined Bogazici University Physics Department as an assistant professor. Since he has been a Professor of Physics at Bogazici University. In 2014 he has been appointed as the Director of the Center for Climate Change and Policy Studies at Bogazici University. Prof. Kurnaz has 1 international book and 32 scientific papers in international journals. He has been an advisor to 27 M.S. and 9 Ph.D. thesis ongoing and finished. He is married with two children.


Zeynep Başaran


Having graduated from Robert College in 1988, Zeynep Başaran, received her B.A. in Economics and English, Cum Laude and with Honors in English, from Bryn Mawr College in 1992. She received her M.A. in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin in 1996. She worked in strategic planning and business development at the BBDO Group between 1992-1999. Between 1999 and 2010, she worked at Manajans/ JWT, where she was strategy planning director, VP strategic planning, and CEO, successively. During 2007-2009, she was concurrently the country manager of Diamond Trading Company (formerly De Beers). She gained  experience as an angel investor and within the start-up community between 2010-2013, after which she launched her consultancy business, focusing on brand positioning, creative strategy, campaign management, agency-client relations, and project management. She is an instructor at Bilgi University Marka Okulu (since 2011), Koç University (since 2013), and IMA (since 2016).

ferah lok resim

Ferah Lök



Prof. Dr. Bahadır İnözü


senem tanju

Senem Tanju


Senem Tanju graduated from Bursa Anatolian High School and Middle East Technical University, Department of Environmental Engineering. Senem Tanju, who received her M.B.A. degree from Beykent University, and still continues her education in the Department of Sociology at Istanbul University.

She started her career at Oyak Renault and worked in the automotive, cable and service sectors during her professional life of approximately 18 years.

She worked on creating management systems, managing occupational safety, environmental and quality processes, developing proactive risk analyzes, creating a behavior-oriented occupational safety culture and establishing zero waste systems. Throughout her business life, she has carried out process management and consultancy studies related to sustainability and still continues her activities in this field.

Senem Tanju, chief auditor of management systems and corporate social responsibility, provides consultancy in the field of corporate social responsibility. In addition to being a corporate sustainability professional, she is a lead auditor of 9001 – 14001 – 45001 and 50001. She is an occupational physician and occupational safety specialist trainer, has NEBOSH certification and serves as a Class A occupational safety specialist.

She has completed the Global Reporting Initiative Certification processes and has the GRI Certified Sustainability Professional / GRI Sustainability Professional Certificate.

ebru debbağ

Ebru Debbağ


Ebru Debbağ graduated from Robert College in 1987 and earned a BSc from İstanbul Technical University as a Textile Engineer in 1991. Ebru has also completed MBA Certification Programme in Istanbul University in 1992 before she joined Orta Anadolu where she worked from 1992 to 2016 as a director responsible for sales, marketing, PD and R&D.
Ebru has been engaged in the sustainable transformation of Orta Anadolu since 2001 and has designed multiple global projects to develop a denim academy as well as to present the potential of Turkey as a denim and jeans sourcing hub. She has led BCI introduction in Turkey as well as designing and managing global sales and marketing expansion with an approach to redefine a B2B operation to engage as B2H ( Business to Human) Ebru has been an advocate of story-telling and has also worked in partnership with UN and UNICEF to present denim as a force of good for the people and the planet.
The Singularity University Executive Programme she has taken in 2016 has led her to set up her consultancy platform; Indigofriends where she strives to scale practices where fashion can regenerate the earth as well as societies.
Ebru has reached out to over 1000 participants with her Climate Crisis in My Wardrobe training sessions. She is also a co-founder at Permaturk Foundation which engages in permaculture practices as a lifestyle for all, targeting to educate,inform and transform.
Ebru is also a licensed yoga instructor and believes that we have the power and the potential to make a change everyday.


Aytaç Paçal


Aytaç Paçal completed his undergraduate studies in Physics at Boğaziçi University in 2015 after graduating from Şişli Anatolian High School in 2010.  He received M.Sc. degree in Computational Science and Engineering at Boğaziçi University. He is currently a researcher PhD student at DLR German Aerospace Center.

He believes the idea that the scientific knowledge should be simplified to be conveyed to people, otherwise scientific facts will not be enough to save the future of the Earth. With this idea in mind, he created a YouTube channel to create and publish videos about commonly misunderstood scientific topics.

In his graduate study, Mr. Paçal worked on the visualization of climate change data in Turkey and MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region and analyzed the return periods of extreme weather events, under the supervision of Prof. M. Levent Kurnaz.

Emren in NDS photo

Emren Borhan


Burcu Yeşil a

Burcu Yeşil


Burcu Yesil graduated from American Robert College in 2011 and finished the BA in Political Science and International Relations at Bogazici University in 2016. Burcu continued higher education in Scotland, where she acquired an MSc degree in Global Environmental Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Writing a master’s thesis on “the sustainable consumption of textiles in Turkey”, Burcu started working at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Istanbul as the Corporate Partnerships Officer.

Believing that for transitioning towards a healthy, sustainable planet and society; the humanity needs to work in cooperation on all levels, Burcu actively volunteers at various environmental charities in Istanbul. She is also among the founders of the Zero Waste Platform (Sıfır Çöp Platformu) in Turkey which aims to become an umbrella civil society organisation for those who wish to question the way we consume today make change for sustainable consumption and production methods.

Özge Tuğralı

Özge Tuğralı


After graduating from Kocaeli Science High School in 2016, Özge Tuğralı completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Boğaziçi University in 2021. She continues her master’s degree in Socio-Ecological Sustainability concentration area at Boğaziçi University Institute of Environmental Sciences.

Özge has internship experience in the Marketing and Corporate Communication departments of corporate companies, and volunteering experience in a social enterprise and TOG and TEGV. She wants to shape her career on the concept of “sustainability”.

Yunus Kaan A

Yunus Kaan Arslan


Yunus Kaan Arslan, continues his undergraduate education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Boğaziçi University, after graduating from İzmir Private Tevfik Fikret High School in 2016.

He has the opportunity to work in areas such as business development, projects, software services and consultancy in the renewable energy sector since 2020. Mr. Arslan is building his career on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development.




ISSP Certificate Badge 2015